Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our life right now in pictures

Thought I'd share some fun thoughts and pics from our last few days...

David has started to really enjoy books. Or at least listening to the person reading that book to him. Here he is with Jack (reading a book that Ben gave to him for Easter). Clearly, they are both enjoying themselves.

His tongue has taken on a life of its own these days, both in happy and distressed times. (The latter is apparently the case below). He sticks it out for all sorts of occasions. The kid's got to express himself somehow, I guess.

My skinny little newborn has sure started to beef up. We've noticed adorable little rolls of plumpness crop up everywhere on his body, even his wrists. He graduated almost overnight from newborn sized clothes to the next one up, and is officially wearing size 1 diapers as of yesterday.

Cory doesn't think so, but David clearly looks exactly like him. Case in point:

David loves bath time. Loves it! He actually cried tonight when we took him out, and I think it was because he was mad that the fun was over.

Well, there you have it. Thought I'd share these moments now before things change again. Have a great week!

1 comment:

Patt said...

Guess David got my "book loving" gene?? Ben has a stack of books he has made during his kindergarden year that he plans to read to David......and of course Grammy Pattpatt has no shortage of books! Smile! Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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