Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another day in paradise

David and I had a busy day today with a handful of visitors, lots of phone calls from friends and family, and almost no napping. Neither one of us. And everyone knows how we love (and need!) our little naps.

I think I just fell asleep at the end of that last sentence.

Despite the fact that we were less than well rested, it was a great day.

David has really begun to develop a personality. He is a fellow of extremes: happy, gurgling, and laughing one minute, shrieking with gusto the next. And remember when I lamented the fact that at most times he would rather not be held? Well, these days it is quite the opposite. He even prefers my arms over his beloved swing. In a way, this does warm my heart, but it sure makes folding laundry a bit more challenging.

He loves listening to books and watching his colorful toys. He's even branched out from his traditional favorites. Some of the playthings that he seemed to ignore a mere week ago now fascinate him to no end. Here he is studying a toy I hung on his carrier handle. He really did work that thing over. It entertained him quite effectively during the last third of an almost hour-long walk we took on Monday. The look on his face is priceless.

It was so nice to see him enjoy the outdoors. Even after our walk he sat on the patio with me and watched (or rather, listened to) Cory mow the lawn.

And speaking of priceless looks, just try to look at this photo without chuckling. I think he was sleeping with his eyes open (or what it appears to be in this photo, "eye", LOL):

I was delighted that he tolerated his front carrier for about 15 minutes on Wednesday. Hopefully that thing will be great for outings in the near future. To be honest, I think it frustrates him to not be able to look out and take in the sights, and his view is obviously limited while facing me. We'll be able to turn him around in it soon enough.

More updates soon, I promise. Have a happy day!

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Grammy Pattpatt said...

You're 100% correct....that last one is a hoot! Love you ALL bunches, Grammy Pattpatt

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