Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy First Father's Day, Cory!

In honor of your first Father's Day, I thought I'd list ten of the many reasons you are such a great Daddy. David may not be able to tell you these things himself yet, so it's up to me to make sure you know how wonderful you are at this new job of yours.

  1. I have yet to pick-up David after work, no matter how often I insist on doing so in order to give you a break. You just can't wait to see him at the end of the day. You choose to be with your son rather than enjoy some alone time after work like many other men might. But then again, you are not the average guy...

  2. You are not ashamed to show him your affection.

  3. On the rare occasion that he cries and you can't soothe him, you seem to be pretty close to tears yourself. And not because you're tired of the noise, but because you can't stand to see him so unhappy.

  4. You are unfazed by outings that I would find harrowing. I know how much of a pain it is to transport him in the cramped backseat of your truck, but you never let that stop you from showing him the world.

  5. You been known to call him "punkin seed". 'Nuff said.

  6. You love dressing him, even though 80% of the time it is in Cubs attire. And he always looks adorable.

  7. Although you've always been one of the hardest working people I know, I've never seen you work harder than you have since he arrived on the scene. You are bound and determined to provide him with everything he needs.

  8. You are the only one that can get him to belly laugh.
  9. You checked your squeamishness at the operating room door the day he was born. Not only did you unabashedly peer over the sterile screen to see him emerge, you took dozens of photos, too. We have joked that it was to provide me with scrapbook fodder. I know it was because you didn't want to miss a minute of that incredible day.
  10. You so obviously love him with all of your heart.

So there you have it. The list could just go on and on. Thank you for all that you do, Cory. I feel so lucky to have you as the father of our son. Have a happy and relaxing Father's Day!!

And to all of the other wonderful fathers and grandfathers in our lives, happy Father's Day to you, too!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another milestone for our David

While I was working on Tuesday, so was David.

With a little help from Grandma Murdock, he was perfecting his skills of reaching for an object with both hands. We were so amazed, we had to capture it on video, albeit of very poor quality (sorry). And, please excuse my highly annoying narration. You might want to hit mute. Consider yourself warned. Without further ado...

Goodbye, hoop earrings. With his expert grasp, I'm sure your days in my ears are numbered.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

David at 3 months old

We continue to marvel at the changes our little man makes on a daily basis, and I continue to struggle with the things I want to get done versus the inherent limitations of a 24-hour day. Even my blogging has gone by the wayside of late (as a few of you have reminded me). I guess David is just too much fun to hang out with these days. I can scrapbook/garden/read/whatever later. But David won't be a baby for long. Trying my best to savor these moments, the good and the bad.

In light of my lack of updates lately, I thought I'd list some of our observations of David at 3 months. But first, check this out:

Can you tell the difference between David and his daddy? That's Cory on the left at 3 months, David on the right at 3 months and 3 days. No doubt on the paternity of this one, not that there ever was a question, LOL. Cory, you ARE the father! Tee hee.

Back to our list:

  1. His eyes are getting darker (but are still blue) and his hair is getting lighter (more blond than brown, though both are still sprouting from his noggin). We know, this will probably continue to change for some time.

  2. He is trying very hard to roll over. Has made it as far as to his side, but has stalled there. Which is fine with me. All in due time.

  3. Tummy time is no longer the torture session it once was. He actually enjoys looking about from that vantage. And I love seeing his adorably crinkled forehead (see photo above).

  4. He pouts when I sing, "the cheese stands alone" from The Farmer in the Dell. I would think this coincidence, but he has done it more than once. I wonder if he will be a social worker. Or maybe a Democrat. He just doesn't like that lonely cheese standing on its own.

  5. He LOVES to chew on his hands, and has begun using this technique to soothe himself.

  6. He has almost completely given up his paci in favor of #5.

  7. Cory can make him giggle pretty consistently. He has yet to really do so for me.

  8. David continues to adore bath time. He has never cried in the tub, not even once.

  9. He is a drool machine, leading us to believe that tooth-sprouting time is not too far off in the future. No signs of any yet as far as I can tell.

  10. Since I typed #6, a tired & cranky Mr. David just cried until I gave him his paci, so cancel that one.

  11. He is trying to reach for things, although his aim is a little off. He loves to hold onto objects, his current favorite being a crinkly blue elephant toy rattle. It looks like he's full-on hugging it, which I realize he's not. Cute, just the same.

  12. He still loves to be carried over the shoulder. He looks about with even more purpose and head control than ever. To counterbalance the weight of his head looking about, he now thrusts his arms behind him straight at the elbows as he leans his chest against your shoulder. This is a pose we like to call "ski jump arms".

  13. As the days continue to fly by, I've begun to forget how we managed without him.

Happy Sunday, all!

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