Sunday, April 29, 2012

Re-discovering my DSLR

Instagram has taken over as my photosharing pursuits of late. (Get the app on your Android or iPhone and follow me - username is hlowens)  I nearly always have my iPhone nearby or in my pocket and with Instagram's lovely filters, what formerly took me hours to edit in Photoshop now can be done and posted in mere seconds. Not a bad plan for a busy mom who doesn't want to spend every night editing and organizing photos.

The other day after David got up from nap he was particularly cooperative with me snapping pics of him with my iPhone (even saying "cheeeeeeeese"), so I grabbed my dusty Canon Rebel and, ignoring the angry low battery warnings, clicked away... old school.

Upon uploading these images to my Mac last night, I was reminded why I should quit ignoring this much superior camera. I was able to capture so much more of David than that little iPhone can, handy as it is.

Although I'm sure I'll continue to use my handy-dandy iPhone to capture most of our everyday memories, I plan to make a more concerted effort with this more complicated, yet immensely more rewarding device. Hold me to it, OK?
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