Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is why I do what I do

It's no secret that I struggle with my job. It is a roller coaster ride that has failed to become any smoother despite the fact that I've been a nurse for over two years now. But some days are better than others, and I dare say that some are actually wonderful. Friday was one of those.

At the end of the day Friday, one of my patients handed me a piece of paper folded into a book entitled, "Life's Little Blessings". I had cared for this patient for two days along with my partner Nick, one of my favorite patient care techs on the floor. What I read was so touching I had to share:

I need to tell you that thru my recent stay

About a great combination that just made my day

For when I came in here, quite under the weather

I was blessed to be cared for by Nick and Heather

They were both open and friendly, adding joy to my life

Treated us just like family, both me and my wife

So if I ever again feel the need to be sick

I hope I can be cared for by Heather and Nick

The fact that this sick man took the time and effort to recognize his care really touched me. There are some really great people out there, even though they are too often eclipsed by jerks. Thanks, Hap - you made our day, too.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm still here!

Yes, I'm still here!!! Haven't updated in almost a month, shame on me... As usual, summer's arrival has given me a multitude of outdoor projects to complete, and I have been spending less and less time inside on the internet. The only reason I'm in here right now is that I had to pay the bills. Thought I'd slap an update on my blog before I headed outside to mulch and mow...

OK, so we haven't just been working outside. I've been doing a lot of this too:

Yes, I did drag out the tripod and use the self-timer to capture our favorite backyard pastime. I am such a nerd.

I've also re-discovered books. I love to sit outside and read, and have enjoyed a few fun trips to Barnes and Noble. Seems I've developed the inability to buy just one book, there. Thank goodness for the clearance section. One of my new favorite sites is My "bookshelf" is also here on my blog. It's a fun way to keep track of what you're reading, what you want to read, and what you have read. Since I'm going through about 3-4 books for week this time of year, I really need it. I also use it to help me decide what to read next by referencing the reviews of others. Pretty neat.

Off to mow....

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