Saturday, August 27, 2011

Using a spoon?

I caught David "using" a spoon the other morning. And whereas I'm sure you would enjoy this video thoroughly even without my annotation, there are a few interesting things to note:
  • Please forgive the first few dizzying seconds. I use my Android to tape him now (so handy), so I have to approach him with stealth or else he will stop what he's doing. I start the taping out of his earshot (it beeps) and walk toward him acting like I'm using my phone for something else. It fools him. For now.
  • He is eating cantaloupe. A current favorite.
  • Note the bagel-sniffing. It was blueberry, and was rejected as you will see. Not sure what was so offensive about it. I'm afraid he's become somewhat of a picky eater.
  • Even though the clip is quite short, this process went on for the entire meal.
  • I have shown this to everyone who will watch it at work, so now it's your turn:

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Bon appetit!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

He's got wheels...

In recent weeks, I've watched David attempt, multiple times, to get behind the wheel of a plastic army Jeep he got from his Uncle Ian.  Mind you, this toy was designed for Barbie-sized GI Joe dolls, not 27ish pound toddler bodies.  Needless to say, the few times he was actually successful perching on the little thing it didn't last long (he inevitably always tipped over, oops!), and he wasn't able to really go anywhere.  Pretty funny to watch, though.

So when I saw the Cozy Coupe at Toys 'r' Us yesterday, I had to let him take it for a test drive.  He was instantly smitten.  He grinned as he climbed behind the wheel, honked the little horn, and scooted around the store, Fred Flintstone style.  This trial, however, was not well thought out by me.  Since actually leaving the store in the car was not an option, I had to remove an emotionally labile, tormented by teething, very grumpy 17-month-old from a coveted toy, and I had no way of explaining that we were buying the silly thing.  Nope.  So, he threw a giant fit, attracting the stares and craning necks of our fellow shoppers.  We got out of there pretty fast, red-faced, with our very own Cozy Coupe.  Before the giant fit we had already decided to buy it, I swear.

Once home, Cory slaved to assemble it as David (very impatiently) waited for him to finish. Once it was together, we took it outside for a test drive.  OK, as you can see by these pictures, he was not willing to wait until we got outside, but we eventually did make it out there as well.

I don't know what it is about this thing, but I think its about the cutest thing ever.  And the Cozy Coupe's pretty cute, too.  ;)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trying something new...

I've been so busy living life lately, I haven't been blogging it.  And where that's not necessarily a bad thing, I'm sure I will come to regret it in the future, especially when life slows down a little. And it inevitably will.

So this marks my first Android-powered blog post.  We'll see how it turns out before I make any proclamations regarding more to come...

We'd planned on visiting the splash park today, but due to the heat (again), we thought an indoor pursuit might be more comfortable.  Plus, isn't it every 16 month old's dream to spend a Sunday afternoon antiquing?  At least it was the dream if this newly-minted 37 year old. So that's what we did.

We ventured to Noblesville, hoping for another find like my WWI nursing recruitment poster I got there several years ago.  No luck there, so we had root beer floats on the square. Deeee-liscious.

Then on to a children's store called The Wild, where we got David his first puzzle.  Had fun looking around there.  Love buying from independent merchants.  They are a dying breed.

Like a junkie, I just HAD to find a treasure, so we stopped at Westfield Antique Mall.  There, I hit the jackpot.  Got a glass citrus juicer, a Fire King measuring cup, a set of three flower frogs, and a coveted locker basket.  Found so many other treasures too but had to leave something behind for the next guy.

I can't believe how good of a sport David is on these types of excursions, we are truly lucky.
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