Monday, May 26, 2008

Day at the Race

Memorial Day weekend for us means the Indy 500, and this year was no different. We headed to the track, hoping to grab one of the few infield parking spots. Even though we left ridiculously early at 7 am, we arrived at the gate to find out that they were already gone. We ended up parking in one of the giant lots just north of the 4th turn off 30th Street. No matter how many times you go to this thing, you are still awed by the sea of humanity that descends on Indy this time every year. Due to changes in the politics of Indy car racing that have resulted in renewed interest in the sport, even more massive crowds came out. We had a good time with our friends, but sadly did not see much of the race. Maybe next year we'll actually buy a ticket instead of participating in the infield throng. A passerby snapped this picture for us before we headed into the track. Good times...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Search for the Perfect Urn has Ended

I was tired of the crumbling second-hand concrete urns flanking our front door. I looked last year for a new pair of urns to put there but couldn't find the right ones. Typical me, I invent an item in my head before actually seeing if it is available on the market. Inevitably, I'm disappointed when that specific item is no where to be found. So, I started looking again this year to no avail, until a few days ago when I was at Home Depot and there they were: the perfect urns! The exact color and form that I had imagined. My frugality prevented me from getting them, but I told Cory about what I had found. Yesterday he surprised me by buying them with a bonus one of his clients had given him. What a sweetie! Now, I just have to find the "perfect" plants to fill them up with!

I had a nice day off. Went to Lowe's (in the mist, I might add) and browsed their garden center. I only walked away with some insecticide (yawn) to battle the early invasion of aphids on my boxwoods out back. I didn't buy any plants, can you believe that? Wanted to save my money for when Mom comes down next week to go garden-centering with me.

Then I headed to the bookstore where my frugality came to a screeching halt. I wanted to pick up Stephenie Meyer's new novel, "The Host". There is something about a hardback book fresh off the press, I don't know what it is. Not exactly fine literature but I found her "Twilight" series very entertaining and easy to read. Barnes and Noble is a marketing genious, because I didn't stop there. The themed tables that they have are great for making you think you MUST have a book that you really don't need. I picked up a paperback from a baseball table called "Watching Baseball Smarter", full of fun facts about understanding the rules, history, and nuances of the game. Figured I needed this if I'm going to be married to Cory. My last purchase was "Weird Indiana", a coffee table book about local legends and interesting places in our State. Once again, a great display that wouldn't let me walk away.

My foray through Barnes and Noble was almost ruined by this man who was ambling about, talking VERY loudly on his cell phone. Not just a "hi there, I'm shopping, can I call you back later" kind of call, but an entire conversation running the gamut of his entire life story. I was so annoyed with this guy, until I noticed that there were many more customers yacking away on their cell phones, too, they just all weren't quite so loud. Tell me, why would you go into a book store while holding a marathon conversation? I don't think that's very relaxing. Yes, I am one of those fools that talks on my cell phone in the car, but at least no one else has to hear what I'm talking about (except, of course, the person that I'm talking TO). It's just unbelievable to me that people who do this don't consider that other shoppers don't want to hear them babbling on and on. Consideration for others is falling by the wayside.

Maybe I'll start a movement to make talking on cell phones in book stores a violation of etiquette, kind of like burping at the table. People might still do it, but at least they'll try to be more quiet about it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What I've been doing...

It's been awhile since my last post, so I thought I'd make a little update. No fun pictures to post, and nothing exciting to share. Just felt like I was neglecting my blog so here goes...

Had the day off today. Not exactly sure what I did, but tried to do a little relaxing. I slept in a bit, then watched Rachael Ray. Saw a great recipe for Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes. It's ground sirloin sauted with onions, beef broth, and A1 sauce topped with a provolone cheese sauce on ciabatta bread. Yum! I headed out to the grocery store and got the ingredients, plus some things that we REALLY needed like banana cream pie and chocolate chex mix - ha! I actually had a good time in the grocery store planning meals. I think that something might be wrong with me for enjoying that.

I also did some "volunteer" work for St. Vincent by catching up on emails and working on some projects at home this afternoon. It is stuff I am supposed to do at work but I'm not exactly sure when that could happen considering the patient load and acuity that we have. I didn't get out of there until 8:30 last night. I am starting to get burned out again. Hopefully that will get better. I guess it always does.

Now I'm working on typing up some recipes. Mom got me started on this project last fall and I haven't kept up with some of the new finds that I have made. I'm going to an 8-hour long preceptor class at the hospital tommorow (on my day OFF - yuck), then will hopefully be able to get the yard worked on on Wednesday. I'm ready for some warmer weather...

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day yesterday (hi there, Mom and Patt) :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Sunday

I'm sad to report that my Derby pick, Eight Belles, met a tragic end after finishing second in the 134th Kentucky Derby. I'm sure you've heard by now. Somehow she suffered bilateral front ankle injuries immediately after her fantastic finish, and had to be euthanised on the track. Absolutely tragic. I'll admit it, I cried. Couldn't help but think of my beloved Peppy. Gone for almost eight years, but I still think of him often. Horses will break your heart.

On a lighter note, Cory needed a day away so I planned a visit to nearby Fort Harrison State Park. We often go to Eagle Creek Park but wanted to explore somewhere new. Thanks to the internet, I discovered this park and we decided to go in order to spend some time together away from the many demands of the business and the house. I spent the entire day cleaning yesterday so we could have a guilt-free Sunday. We figured the big pile of mulch in the driveway could wait a few more days to be spread.

We packed up some picnic provisions (mainly Subway sandwiches and some snacks) and drove over to Lawrence. The park is simple but quite beautiful. We enjoyed walking the trails and spotting the many native wildflowers along the way. One of the trails wound around Fall Creek, offering beautiful scenery without being too physically demanding. We had a great time. I'm so glad Cory is so tolerant of my constant commentary regarding the flora. It must secretly drive him crazy.

We were home by late afternoon, relaxed but tired. I'm so glad it's spring again and we can enjoy theses types of outings together.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Derby Day

Well, today's the Kentucky Derby and I'm a little sorry I'm not at Churchill Downs. We talked about going down this year, but Cory's been so busy that it was out of the question. I'm sure we'll have better seats from the couch than we would if we were actually there, but I'd sure love to see the race in person someday. It's such an historic event - even if the feature race is only about two minutes long. I think we'll make plans to go there for sure next year...

I wanted to post my pick here for posterity. My favorite for today is Eight Belles, a rare filly in a field composed traditionally of boys. No filly has won the Derby since 1984, in fact only 38 fillies have run the race since its inception in 1875. No one really knows how she will do, but she is the most experienced horse in the race and was lucky enough to draw a good starting position. Yes, I'm rooting for her mostly because she's a girl - I'll admit that. She's also a beautiful horse with incredible power and speed.

I'll be watching later this afternoon...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Ramblings

I worked Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, then had to go in to work today for three hours worth of meetings. Now most people would think that working three days a week is akin to living on Easy Street, but I invite those people to follow me around at work and then see what they think. I didn't leave the floor until 8:40 PM last night. I got there at 6:40 am. And they call them 12-hour shifts? Hmmmm. My lunch was a leftover calzone from the cafeteria that the counter guy only gave to me out of pity - the cafeteria closes at 2 pm and I arrived at 2:05. I think he had intended to eat it himself. I didn't refuse when he offered it to me because I was starving. After wolfing my "meal" down in a record 15 minutes, I headed back to the floor for more fun and games. It was one of those days that feels like it will never end. Remember a few posts back when I feared that things might take a turn for the worse? I'm afraid I might have been right. Hopefully it was just a really bad day... at least I have until Tuesday to find out. Three days off, yay!

I'm done whining about that now. Thanks for bearing with me.

On a positive note, I did make a page on Tuesday that I'm pretty proud of. I made the background at one of the classes I took in St. Louis. Of course the intention in the class was to finish the layout, but that didn't happen. The instructor had us use a circle template to make a circle of tiny pencil marks spaced evenly apart. Then we randomly punched different sized holes in the cardstock. The final touch is to use a contrasting color as a background. I chose blue to match Cory's jeans in the photos. I really love the way it turned out. I'm even more proud that I managed to use products from my stash. I guess that's what scrapbooking is - using what you have to preserve memories. Love these pictures of Cory and had to showcase them somehow!
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