Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Ramblings

I worked Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, then had to go in to work today for three hours worth of meetings. Now most people would think that working three days a week is akin to living on Easy Street, but I invite those people to follow me around at work and then see what they think. I didn't leave the floor until 8:40 PM last night. I got there at 6:40 am. And they call them 12-hour shifts? Hmmmm. My lunch was a leftover calzone from the cafeteria that the counter guy only gave to me out of pity - the cafeteria closes at 2 pm and I arrived at 2:05. I think he had intended to eat it himself. I didn't refuse when he offered it to me because I was starving. After wolfing my "meal" down in a record 15 minutes, I headed back to the floor for more fun and games. It was one of those days that feels like it will never end. Remember a few posts back when I feared that things might take a turn for the worse? I'm afraid I might have been right. Hopefully it was just a really bad day... at least I have until Tuesday to find out. Three days off, yay!

I'm done whining about that now. Thanks for bearing with me.

On a positive note, I did make a page on Tuesday that I'm pretty proud of. I made the background at one of the classes I took in St. Louis. Of course the intention in the class was to finish the layout, but that didn't happen. The instructor had us use a circle template to make a circle of tiny pencil marks spaced evenly apart. Then we randomly punched different sized holes in the cardstock. The final touch is to use a contrasting color as a background. I chose blue to match Cory's jeans in the photos. I really love the way it turned out. I'm even more proud that I managed to use products from my stash. I guess that's what scrapbooking is - using what you have to preserve memories. Love these pictures of Cory and had to showcase them somehow!

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!! Cory's a very blessed man to have you in his life. Love, Patt

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