Friday, May 27, 2011

Broadripple Art Fair 2011

I guess it's old news now, but the three of us spent the day at the Broadripple Art Fair last Sunday and we had a fabulous time. Cory and I have been going for years, and always enjoy ourselves immensely.  At a mere two months old last year, David merely tolerated the event.  But this year, he seemed to really take it all in, and it was so heartwarming to see and feel him enjoying himself doing something already pretty special to Cory and me.

It was very warm, and waves of thunderstorms and rain showers rolled through.  We still managed to fit in some incredible shopping, eating, drinking, and people-watching.  And, as usual, I was incredibly inspired being surrounded by such creativity.

One of the first booths we hit was the Art Farm. The artists there construct utilitarian objects out of vintage finds, including clocks, lamps, jewelry, and other treasures. I bought a clock from them a few years ago, and was heartbroken that they were absent last year.  Talking to the artist, I discovered that they were actually not invited (shocking!), but boy was I glad to see they were back.  It was not a question of if, but what I would buy from them.  The clock on the far left was destined to come home with me at the end of the day.

David added another wooden truck to his collection from the same vendor we got his train from last year, as well as three smaller wheeled toys.  I just love the simplicity and beauty of their design, and they have already become David's go-to toys in the living room.  I love that out of the most intricate, technologically advanced playthings he has, he still picks the most simple as his favorite.

After this bit of shopping, we took a break in the shade to enjoy our lunch.  We also tried to pose for some pictures in the prime lighting.  This first picture cracks me up.  We both have the same slightly uncomfortable smirk on our faces as I try to force David to hold still.

Cory is always a bit  more successful than I am to get him to hold still for a picture.  Once again, David looks pretty uncomfortable, but more in the manner of a contortionist.

Lightening and thunder threatened right after lunch, so we headed inside the Art Center to wait it out, along with a few hundred (thousand?) other people.  We took that opportunity to try to get David to take a snooze.  Once the clouds cleared and we were back outside, I peeked into the top of the covered stroller, and this was what I saw.   Oops.  At least he was smiling.

Eventually he did succumb to the sandman, and took a nice nap while Cory and I shopped a little bit more.  Then, we took some more pictures, and David did some classic people-watching.

On the way out, we stopped by a booth that Cory has drooled over for years.  The artist creates prints from handmade etchings depicting classic ballparks.  This was the year to splurge.  We picked out one of Wrigleyville, our own personal Mecca.  The detail is incredible.  We both absolutely LOVE it.

We departed just in time to miss the next deluge that descended upon the Art Center grounds.  What a fabulous day.  Already looking forward to next year...

Monday, May 9, 2011

My second Mother's Day in pictures...

I had a fantastic second Mother's Day yesterday.  It started out with this smiling face.  That was really the only gift I needed.

I arrived at the breakfast table to be greeted by this lovely card from Cory David.

Next, I opened a package with two lovely coffee cups, one for travel and one for home. Since Cory's gift philosophy tends to be "go big or go home", of course there was more. This little beauty, for my coffee-drinking pleasure. Nothing like good coffee at my fingertips to make this mommy happy.  It was a wonderful surprise.

We spent the day relaxing around the house, made a quick trip to the garden center around the corner to look around, then hung out in the backyard. I wanted a nice picture of David and me to remember the day, but of course a 14-month-old has better things to do than pose for pictures.  These make me laugh.

We also played a little catch on the patio.

Finally, David chased bugs before retiring for the evening.

And Cory cooked me a delicious dinner of cedar-plank salmon with lemon and fennel, wild rice with tarragon, lemon, and pine nuts, and a yummy herb salad.  He has potential as a gourmet chef. It was delicious.

What a great day. Hope everyone else had a happy Mother's Day, too.

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