Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's new?

I am writing this today with a freshness of spirit and attitude. The dreary weather can't even get me down on this wonderful Sunday morning. You see, I actually accomplished eight hours of sleep last night. Not consecutively of course, but eight total hours of glorious slumber. And as you can tell by David's perky little face he is feeling quite rested, too.

He went down at about 11:30 pm last night after a relaxing evening at home with dinner (Outback takeout - yum!) and a movie (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). He didn't wake me up fussing until close to 4:30am, went back to sleep by 5:30am, then slept until close to 8. So refreshing! I keep reading how newborns typically have a "difficult period" sometime between 6 and 8 weeks of age. We'll see if we can dodge that bullet.

David and I were reclusive hermits this week, and it was sort of wonderful. Lots of lounging, reading, relaxing, and quiet observation of each other. Whenever I worry that I'm not doing enough with him (going enough places, doing enough activities, etc), I thank my lucky stars that we have these days together where time doesn't really matter, and nothing is something. Does that make sense? So, if we do lots of nothing all day, then that's perfectly OK. The memories of those hours filled with nothingness are the times that I will look back upon someday and treasure the most. Life will never be this simple again.

Other updates this week:
  1. David's hair seems to be coming back in. He never lost the last bit of his "horseshoe". The top of his head has the most adorable peach fuzz. Once again, I think it has a touch of red...

  2. He is now outgrowing most of his newborn clothes. He can barely stretch out fully while in his footie PJs. We're about retire several of these cute little outfits (sniff). He can now fit into some of the bigger items he has, such as the most adorable Old Navy jumper he is wearing today. He still seems to be between sizes. They need a size newborn-and-a-1/2!

  3. He loves to sit on our laps while facing forward, and be carried this way around the house. The traditional cradle hold is becoming more and more unacceptable. So much to see and do!

  4. Outright smiles and laughs continue to be elicited by our faces, as well as by his mobile, his favorite picture, and the bedroom ceiling fan light (?).

  5. He is becoming more tolerant of traveling in his carrier and being outside. We actually went on an hour-plus walk on Zionsville's Rail Trail yesterday. Beautiful!

Happy Sunday! Hope you get a chance to enjoy doing nothing sometime soon...

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Patt said...

Give him a hug from Grammy Pattpatt! Smile!
Love you ALL bunches, DGPP (Translation=David's Grammy Pattpatt)

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