Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giving the dogs some press time...

I've been feeling pretty guilty about neglecting Casper & Sammy since David blasted onto the scene, so while out the other day I went on a little Petco shopping spree. Picked up a new bed for Sammy, some delicious snacks from the treat bar, and, after long and careful consideration of the cost, a couple of stuffable rubber Kong bones. Neither one has ever been a big chewer (thank goodness), but they do enjoy the occasional peanut-butter stuffed hard bone. Had to trash those the other day though when Casper cut his tongue while voraciously gnawing on one of them (big mess, I tell you). I wanted to provide them with some safer entertainment while I am so thoroughly distracted these days.

I thought I was doing them both a big favor yesterday morning when I stuffed their new bones with treats and waited for them to go to town on them. Sammy ate the exposed portions of the treats, then sat with his bone in front of him, apparently confused, for about an hour. No attempt to go after the remaining treats in the recesses of the bone's cavities. That's right, a dog that doesn't know what to do with a chew toy. Go figure.

Casper totally "got" the concept, fishing out both treats from his bone, then proceeding to take Sammy's from under his nose and finish it off, too.

Don't feel too sorry for Sammy, he didn't put up a fight. At least he loves his new bed. He'd probably rather be sleeping than chewing, anyway.

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Patt said...

I love my granddogs! Grammy Pattpatt

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