Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Broadripple Art Fair revisited

Before you have children, everyone tells you how much your life will change. Of course you believe them, because how could such a monumental event not manage to dusrupt daily life as you know it? I admit, I found that proverbial warning supremely annoying to hear throughout my pregnancy, but I don't think I truly understood what people meant until our excursion Saturday at the Broadripple Art Fair.

Everything about this experience, one which we have had annually for a number of years, was different. Except for one: we had an absolute ball.

At first it was a bit rough. David isn't a huge fan of bright light, but in time he settled down and adjusted to the outdoor environment. We perused a few booths, ate some lunch (red beans and rice, rib tips, chips and guacomole - mmmmm), fed our little man, fretted a bit over the rain looming on the horizon, then hit the booths again. Always before, I couldn't wait to find something special for myself or Cory. This year, I bet you can guess who we were shopping for.

Our great find of the day: David's new handmade wooden zoo train. The artist had various other trains as well as trucks, planes, and Noah's ark playsets, all skillfully made out of colorful woods. The artist told us that she and her husband created these pieces from the ground up, even milling the wood themselves. No stains were used, all of the colors are natural. As we ogled her wares, she told us that she had been at the Broadripple Art Fair every year for the past several. We couldn't recall seeing her creations, and found it incredible that we hadn't noticed them. It soon dawned on us that we weren't exactly in the market for wooden toys last year. Of course we hadn't noticed. Like I said, things have changed.

We were a bit disappointed that some of our favorite vendors were absent, and we couldn't imagine why. In fact, every booth that I purchased things from last year was missing. Unbelievable. We always saya that as soon as we start to like an appetizer at a favorite restaurant, they discontinue it. I guess that goes for artists at the art fair, too.

When rain loomed ominously on the radar, Cory and I didn't worry about getting wet ourselves. The only priority was to keep David dry. And his train, of course.

Can't wait til next year!

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Patt said...

Glad you had a good outing! Love you ALL bunches, Grammy Pattpatt

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