Sunday, May 23, 2010

Right here. Right now.

Some of the trauma induced by my return to work has worn off (some, not all), so I'm a little more able to enjoy my time with David as opposed to wistfully longing for the hourless days of my maternity leave. Which I did for a good long week. I have now come to accept that those days are over and will never be again, but there will still be joyful (and even more wonderful) days ahead for the three of us.

Returning to work is really like a grieving process. A veteran mom recently helped me realize this. Doing so has helped me to move on with my life. And longing for what is past does no one any good. Time to live in the here and now.

{big sigh}

That being said, so much has changed for our little David lately. I thought I would list a few of them today.

  1. He is unable to resist the urge to put his hands in his mouth. Usually, both hands at the same time which doesn't always work out so well. He is not really sure what to do with them once he gets them there, not really sucking his thumb per se, but they are providing welcome entertainment just the same.
  2. He now wears many of the ADORABLE 3-month sized outfits that he received as shower gifts. Every morning is like Christmas! (for me, I guess)

  3. His hair (the new crop) is the most beautiful shade of reddish-blond and is growing like a weed. I love how fluffy it is after a bath. Although I prefer it sticking up, his dad insists on smoothing it down. At an angle. Cory has also informed me that he will be in charge of all matters regarding David's hair. Ohhh kaaaayyy. :)
  4. He is a sucker for a scalp massage. We have discovered this during bathtime. Absolutely loves hair to have his hair washed.

  5. He has such an independent spirit. I have looked in his crib in the early morning hours and, at times, found an alert little baby looking around the room quietly. It warms my heart when his face lights up at the sight of me, but he was doing just fine by himself. Don't get me wrong, I want him to love and crave my company, but he also needs to enjoy his own.

  6. Tummy time has become substantially less dramatic. He still gets mad eventually, but we now manage to get some great exercise in before the inevitable meltdown occurs. Yesterday he gave me some priceless looks. I think he will break some of these out for an encore in a few years when I ask him to clean his room.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Now, back out to the patio to enjoy the day outside with my family.

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Anonymous said...

Cory will find out in a few years that DAVID will decide how DAVID's hair will look. Smile! I wondered about the "brushing the hair over" at lunch I know! Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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