Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello, bee!

We've been reading to David since he was born, and even before that had started amassing a book collection for him through gifts, hand-me-downs, and our own shopping sprees. My mom recently discovered a new favorite on his bookshelf, a book that, to be honest, we had constantly overlooked in favor of more "interesting" selections. This little book is simple enough, and might seem quite boring really when viewed through an unsuspecting adult's eyes. You can read it in mere seconds. But, to David, this gem inspires a brand of excitement that is priceless.

When he looks at the hypnotic eyes of the characters and bright colors on the pages, he cannot contain his enthusiam. He looks eagerly from page to page, and his own eyes widen as he checks out those of Frog, Dog, Bat, Cat, Snail, and Whale. We probably spent a half hour the other morning flipping its pages, an eternity in baby-time. He honestly gets so excited looking at it that you almost have to take it away from him to calm him down. He even ignored the horrors of tummy time when that particular book was set in front of him. It makes me so happy to see him enjoy something so much. Especially a book, since I love them so much myself.

Of course, this discovery led to our desire to find more books that could elicit the same enthusiasm. So, we headed to Barnes and Noble on Saturday and got a few more that are good candidates, but have yet to have the same effect. Who knows what the next big hit will be, but we'll keep trying to find it. Until then, we'll continue to enjoy Hello Bee, Hello Me!

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Patt said...

I especially love the next to last photo! I told Toni about David liking eyes.....and her grandkids are totally the opposite. They get freaked out if they think the eyes are spooky and won't read the book/story!

Since Ben, Jack and David will share the back seat when we are in the car, they can take turns reading to will count on the Summer Reading Program, too.

I got David a zebra rattle with big eyes....same company as his lamb....will see if it's a winner, too.

Love, GrammyPattpatt

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