Sunday, April 6, 2008

CKC St Louis

We just returned from the Creating Keepsakes scrapbook convention in St. Louis late last evening. Cory agreed to go with me when we found out that the Cardinals were playing at home Friday night. I think he would have gone with me even if we hadn't planned to catch the game... he is so supportive of me and was almost as excited as I was that I was taking time to immerse myself in something that I love. Of course, he found other things to do during the days and didn't dare even set foot into the convention center, but he was there to support me nonetheless.

I took two classes on Friday and three Saturday, and came away with several great projects and some fresh ideas. The shopping was amazing. Although there were several booths that sold things that I had no interest in, there was a lot of fresh product there and some great inspirational product displays. I also picked up a few design books at a great price in the CK booth. My favorite was the "dollar" booth, although the wait tested my patience and my temper. (It never ceases to amaze me how rude, selfish, and greedy people can be). Despite the torture, I got almost $100 worth of things for $20. Maybe that makes me just as greedy as those other people, I don't know.

The game was great fun. Since we were staying in the Illinois side of the area, we decided to drive down to the train station and ride the rail into the city. For $4 each round-trip, it was a bargain. Sure wish Indy would invest in a system like this. The new Busch Stadium is beautiful, the picture above was taken from our cheap seats one row from the top - what a view!

We drove back last night after my last class. Now there are piles and piles of projects and materials on the kitchen table that I am working up the energy to sort. Although the classes allowed me to "mostly" finish the projects that they were teaching, none of them are 100% finished. I am resolved to do so before other projects come my way - here it is in writing!

Glad to be home and to have had this great experience, especially with Cory by my side!

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