Friday, April 18, 2008

An exciting morning

I got up this morning for work at 5:15 am as usual. After my shower, the windows in the bedroom started rattling loudly and continuously for several seconds. Then, I heard what I thought was a gust of wind rumbling the entire house, except that it seemed to go on and on. The racket even woke Cory up. I was preparing myself for the roof to fly off when it stopped, after about 15-20 seconds. Meanwhile, Cory had lept up out of bed to look out the window, and had remarked that the trees were shaking, so it must have been wind. Only after they started talking about it on the news did we realize what we had experienced - an earthquake!

I only remember ever feeling one other earthquake, back in the 80s when we lived on Platte Drive. I was out on the deck when the roof started shaking, and I remember dashing into the house telling Mom and Dad that someone was running on the roof. That one was really subtle, but I still remember it very clearly.

Of course the news media had to beat the subject like a dead horse, taking endless calls from viewers eager to tell their stories. For hours and hours this went on. By 10 am I was pretty sick of it. But here I am writing bout it.... hmmm.

Glad we don't live in California...

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