Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My day

I had the day off today, and what a beautiful day it was! The forecast was for 80 degrees, but according to the mercury on my thermometer the temperature exceeded that. I spent some time grooming the perennials in the front landscaping where we have yet to mulch - yesterday I finished off the pile that was in the driveway and I'm waiting for more to arrive. Last year we never quite finished off the mulching . Now that we have to represent Second Nature Landscapes in a good light, I'm sure we'll do it all this year in a timely manner. Who wants landscaping from a guy whose own landscape is a shambles?

After working in the yard I sat out with the dogs for a bit and read in the backyard. I also had some time to catch up on laundry and bills. Nothing too exciting, but relaxing nonetheless...

After Cory got home, I got to work on some scrapbooking. I created a layout with my April kit from Studio Calico. I love this kit! I would never have picked out some of these supplies on my own, especially the letter stickers. I love the way belonging to this club stretches my creativity. I even had the courage to journal on the page with my own handwriting. I used the best white pen ever (the Ultimate Gel Pen by American Crafts), suggested to me in one of the classes I took at CKC. This layout took me all of an hour from start to finish. A real feat for me considering I often spend days ruminating over one page! It is so satisfying when a page turns out just right to your own eye.

It's back to work for me tommorow. Hopefully things aren't too hairy there right now. I've had a good stretch lately and that always makes me nervous that things will take a turn for the worse. Oh, the superstitions of a hospital nurse (it's not a full moon, right now, is it?).

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