Friday, March 28, 2008

An Afternoon Outdoors

Spring Fever is getting the best of me, so Sammy, Casper and I headed outdoors this afternoon for some fresh air. Raul and Sergio did quite a bit of clean-up out there this past weekend, but from afar the beds still look fast asleep. Closer inspection, as it often does, yielded a different story. Here's what I found lurking beneath last year's mulch...

I'm kicking myself for not remembering the name of the hardy geranium above. It's one of my favorites. The leaves emerge crimson and age to a burgundy-wine hue. Later in summer, pale lavender-pink blossoms appear above the foliage. I should be able to figure out its name later this summer, now that I'm in the landscaping business again. :)

These little guys are really popping up. My favorite groundcover for shade: Sweet Woodruff. Last year their delicatly fragrant white blossoms were obliterated by the late freeze. Hopefully they fare better this year.

Above is another one of my perennials that is really going to town: Sedum 'Neon'. The first perennials to appear in our new driveway bed that we put in last year. It's hard to believe that such fleshy foliage can withstand night temps that still dip down into the twenties.

Yes, those are the Tulipa greigii 'Pinocchio's that I had given up for dead. The maroon-variegated foliage is beautiful. They seemed to appear out of nowhere - I saw no sign of these even just a week ago.

The above pictures are proof that my garden is waking up, at least on a Liliputian level. I can't wait to see these same plants in a few more weeks - without the macro lense on the camera...

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