Thursday, March 6, 2008

We're on the Web

Today was finally the day. My (ooops... I mean Cory's) website for Second Nature Landscapes is online and ready to be viewed by our customers. He keeps thanking me for doing this, but honestly it was great fun. I enjoyed the process when I originally set it up for Michael's Landscapes and Gardens, but it was even more satisfying to do it for my husband's business!

The letters to our customers, notifying them of the change in ownership, also went out today. Both of us grossly underestimated the work that would be required to print, sign, stuff, label, and stamp over 1000 letters. Thanks to Patt, Cory's mom, we were spared the task of stuffing (she did all of them by herself, and in record time, I might add). Cory managed the rest of the chore. Thankfully, they are in the hands of the mailman now. Can't wait to hear some feedback.

Needless to say, we will be subbing out our future mass mailings...

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