Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

David's second Easter was a joy for all of us.  His first one was last year, but his interaction was pretty limited.  So, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to present him with a basket filled with goodies to help him enjoy the day.

First, the basket itself.  You might think a monkey would be pretty non-traditional for a holiday represented by chicks and bunnies, but it suited David just fine.  So fine, in fact, that he couldn't resist giving a little love (aka kisses with tongue) to the monkey's face.  Monkey loves monkey.

And the contents of the eggs?  Well, since most typical Easter treats are choking hazards, I had to rack my brain for alternative things that would still fit in the little plastic shells.  I asked myself, what does David like the best?  Why, wadded up paper, clothing tags, and Kix cereal, of course!  And, don't forget that delightful Easter grass.  So interesting!

Just in case you're feeling sorry for him since he got no candy, I did quarter a jelly bean and he quite literally turned up his nose at it and refused to eat it.  Bet that doesn't happen again next year.

An Easter basket wouldn't be complete without a gift, of course.  Seeing that David loves technology, I decided on a toy cell phone, complete with ringing function and functional buttons.  He loved this, clearly.

Boy meets phone.

Boy clearly enjoys phone.

And, boy will continue to enjoy phone until he realizes it's a decoy.  Kind of like the remote control sans batteries.  It has not taken him long to realize it is not quite the same.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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Patt said...

Quite inventive goodies for inside the eggs! Did he throw the paper wads over his shoulder? Smile! An Easter monkey is much more interesting than an Easter bunny. Love, GrammyPattpatt

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