Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Wednesday in Pictures

I love Wednesdays because the day belongs to just David and me. Now that the weather has improved, we can get out of the house and do a little exploring together. And we did just that today.

Driving is so much more interesting for both of us now that we've turned David's car seat around.  It's fun to watch him look about and take in the sights.  Don't worry... although I do check him out in the rear-view mirror quite a bit because he's just so darn cute, I do pay attention to the road!  And don't call CPS either, we were at a stoplight when I snapped this picture. Also notice his attire... this is about 5 minutes into a trip that he started wearing two socks, two shoes, and a hat!  A boy's got to do something to pass the time.

We ran a few errands, perused Barnes and Noble, and picked up some scrapbook supplies.  We also ducked into the pet store, where we checked out the birds and fish.  David enjoyed watching the birds, especially.  He also LOVED looking at the shelter cats, but protested loudly when I wouldn't let him touch them.  So, clearly causing a disruption to the other shoppers (and the poor cats!), we had to leave in shame.  Below is a pre-walk-of-shame picture:

Speaking of leaving a store in shame..... Had to do it as well at Target, where David committed his first crime.  Yep, shoplifting.  I had picked up a few things, checked out, proceeded to the car, and, to my horror, David was still grasping a package of eye-shadow applicators, ironically the one item that prompted the whole trip in the first place.  Having a pathological conscience about such things, I went back into the store and quietly paid the $1.99 plus tax.  Trying to entertain him with items from the cart cost me several extra minutes to settle the debt, and could've cost me bail money.  Next time I will take in some of his toys, instead.  There's an idea.  Here is a photo of Mr. Sticky Fingers and his loot:

Can't wait to see what next Wednesday brings...

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Anonymous said...

Must have had a technical comment didn't show up the other day. Hmmmmmm. Technically challenged Grammy, I guess!
Glad you had a good day together....D's a great buddy to spend time with! Love, Patt

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