Monday, April 11, 2011

He's a Daddy's Boy

Some of you are aware that I have recently developed somewhat of a complex regarding David's closeness to his father.  A lot of it I attribute to my own neuroticism, but some of it roots in truth.  Don't get me wrong, I love that those two are nearly inseparable and that Cory takes such a keen interest in helping care for and play with our little guy (I am so lucky!). Still, a gal can feel a bit neglected at times when the Pied Piper of children (Cory, that is) seems always to win the little one's attention. 

I didn't truly appreciate the humor in this, however, until I reviewed the pics I took this weekend.  Here is a little sampling.

David with his Daddy.

David reacting to something I did (or, rather, didn't let him do).

David with his Daddy.

David expressing his displeasure with something else I did (or, once again, didn't let him do).

David with his Daddy.

David giving me the stink-eye....... well, you get the point.

He can be a fickle fellow, so he might be more of a Mama's boy in the days and weeks to come.  Until then, I will try to enjoy the fact that my son has many other people in this world that he enjoys, most of all his father.  How's that for positive affirmation? :)

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Patt said...

Thanks for sharing my biggest baby and my littlest baby!
Love you all bunches, PattMomGrammyPattpatt

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