Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I had every intention of posting yesterday, but as usual, the Saturday that I thought would be endless was over in a flash. 

While trying to entertain David in the confines of our bedroom, I got some great photos using the natural light of the front windows.  It didn't take him long to discover that the blinds in there are crunchy, much like the wrapping paper that he took such delight in shredding over Christmas.  In an attempt to keep him from wadding them up, I raised the blinds a few feet and voila, the light on his face looking out on the neighborhood was just perfect.

I also embarked on my newest project, another photo-a-day class at Big Picture Classes called Picture Winter.  I look at my photo albums and see the hundreds and hundreds of headshots and close-ups of David that I have taken since he arrived on the scene, and although I will continue to take just as many of these in the new year, I feel like he will appreciate me (in later years of course) having captured more images of our everyday world.  The first day's theme was "a day of rest", and what better subject than our resident Rumplestiltskin, Sammy, curled up in his chair.

Later, had a nice dinner out with Cory in the evening, enjoying some Outback Steakhouse fare.  We have only gone out alone a few times since David has been around and it was nice, but weird, to be out just the two of us.  Had to memorialize it with a few bad Blackberry phone pics that, after a second look, appear to glorify drinking.  But, boy, did that margarita taste good.  ;)

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home with a movie and resisting the urge to wake David up for a little play time.  Overall, we had a great start to 2011...

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable New Year's Day.

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Patt said...

My New Year's Day was enjoyable because I got to spend time with David while you got to go on a date. Definitely a win-win situation. Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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