Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting re-acquainted with my camera

Today's post title might make some people chuckle considering the volume of photos that I've taken since around March 10th, 2010. It's not like my DSLR and I have had much time apart judging by the growth of my galleries, but I have gotten away from the creative aspirations that originally inspired me to get a high-quality camera in the first place.  In recent days, I have rediscovered the rewards of photography as art, more than just the capturing of moments.

As I mentioned last post, I'm taking a class at Big Picture Classes called Picture Winter.  Each day in January, I will receive a prompt via email written by Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters designed to inspire a unique photograph.  It takes about 5 minutes to complete the assignment, and so far its been incredibly rewarding. I'm really loving this project, and it will ultimately give me a snippet of what everyday life was like at this particular moment in time, much like Design Your Life did last year.

Yesterday's assignment was to capture a bit of sunshine in the everyday.  Considering I worked all day, not to mention the fact that it's January in Indiana, my choices were rather limited.  I felt that my subject of an unwrapped clementine was a bit cliche, but I love the end result:

Of course, all of this self-improvement really has one ultimate goal:  to improve the images that I can capture of David. After all, he is pretty much the center of the universe right now.  Snapped this one on Monday right before leaving for work.  Although it is fundamentally flawed in so many ways, I love the way it captured both his jovial spirit and those smoky little eyes that have yet to reveal their true color.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm off to take some more photos....

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Patt said...

Your photos make my heart happy!
Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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