Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monkey Joe's.... the sequel.

Frigid temps on Saturday morning forced us to select an indoor activity for the day, and Monkey Joe's was a shoe-in. Cory was pretty jealous that I took David there last week without him, and he wanted to see what the fun was all about.

With his dad in tow, David was able to tackle many of the more challenging bounce houses. The place was also quite a bit less crowded than the day I visited, making us all a bit more brave and adventurous (you know, fewer patrons meant fewer bodies to crash into as you or your two-year-old go careening down a slippery slide, that kind of thing).

Needless to say, we had a ball. And I think you will, too, when you check out these pictures.

Wheeeeeeeee! Nothing says fun like bouncing and sliding on inflated (and probably germ-infested) plastic sculptures. Can't wait to go back. :)

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Ian Murdock said...

What great pictures!

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