Sunday, January 22, 2012

Be careful what you wish for...

Not too long ago I was wishing David would show even the slightest interest in watching something, anything, on TV, in the off chance that the temporary distraction might give me 15 minutes or so to get something done around the house. I thought it was cute how other toddlers had favorite characters and interests based on what they saw on television. I couldn't understand why David seemed to like Unique Home Solutions commercials (think fat guys with guitars singing goofy jingles) more than material designed expressly for his enjoyment and passive education.

Then, by our active encouragement, he discovered the Wiggles ("geh", how he says it) and Sesame Street ("tree"). Slowly that discovery blossomed into a passion. Recently, it is more of an obsession.

Oh, my. What have we done?

In the picture above from yesterday morning, he is begging and pleading for me to turn on the TV.  Begging and pleading with his entire body.  He says "please" so enthusiastically that the veins in his eyelids bulge out and the shape of his face is contorted into an almost unrecognizable form. Anyone who has witnessed such a plea knows that I am not exaggerating.

Here's one from another day, after discovering the unguarded remote, and bringing it to me with glee. How can I resist that hopeful face? Seriously, his feet aren't even touching the ground! As you can imagine, I gave in without a fight...

Before you judge me too harshly, keep in mind that he watches a max of a few episodes a day. And this newfound hobby of his does have its benefits (and I don't just mean time for me to do such things as, say, writing blog posts and editing my photos).

Because of The Wiggles, he has learned to dance with abandon, and follow simple directions on how to move his body. He remembers to say "please", unprompted, in order to ask nicely for what he wants. He's getting exposure to nursery rhymes and music that I don't necessarily have on my iPod (I'll play Adele over and over again for him but I draw the line at adding a song called Fruit Salad to my playlist. Nope).

Thanks to Sesame Street, he's learned to recognize (and maybe even love) characters. He's starting to count, and recognizing colors. He watched Elmo ride a tricycle in one episode, and did a better job afterward than he ever had before when attempting to do it himself later that day. He tries harder than ever to pronounce words and name objects.

No doubt, there are better things he could be doing than watching TV. But there is plenty of time in his toddler schedule to allow for those things, too.

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Patt said...

He is very sincere when he wants something SO MUCH! With me, it's Music Sparkles on my iPhone. He puts on his MOST adorable face for that one! Love, Grammypattpatt

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