Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Bathroom Weekly

Bathroom updates seem to have taken over my blog. Perhaps it's fitting, considering that pesky little room is the first thing I see every evening and the last thing I see every night.

Here is what got done this week. First, some pics from Monday. The floor and shower floor were set. LOVE IT. We could not be happier.

Fast forward to Wednesday. The shower walls were under construction, complete with a mosaic strip. The guys convinced me to add this, and I'm glad they did. It lends a little decorative touch, without being too "crusty".

What you can't see is the rear shower wall, which has two inset cubby-type holes. The one on top is for shampoo and such, the little one on the bottom is a foot rest for shaving legs (mine, of course). Hard to believe a man had to suggest that to me. And, no more ugly-wire-shower-organizer thingies hanging from the shower spigot! Ingenious!

The bedroom walls are also now a rich chocolate brown. The boys also painted the trim a bright white (it was navy blue, of all things, blech!) I absolutely LOVE the shade. Not too dark, not too light. I still can't wait to get everything back into place, but I'm trying to be understanding of the temporary mess (I do better at this at some times than at others. Please forgive me, I am eight months pregnant and a little moody.)

Bad news today was that we had to postpone the shower. What a painful morning. I hate putting people out. Glad that everything was resolved, everyone stayed safe, and most will be able to make it next week. Now, if the snow will just stay away...

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Patt said...

The shower looks great! Cory sent me a photo from his phone earlier, so I had a sneak peak. Glad they did the bedroom.....get all the mess out of the way at once.

February and scheduling just naturally clash.....maybe this was the last snow of the season...yeah, right!

Love you ALL bunches, Patt

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