Sunday, October 21, 2012

Say Cheese, Please!

David has had a camera in his face pretty much from the moment he was born (and I mean that literally, thanks to Cory), so one might assume that he ignores the incessant clicking coming from my general direction, and just goes on with his day. This, unfortunately, is currently not the case.

Along with his recent developments in speech, social, and motor skills, he has gained a sense of independence that has empowered him to have (and express) an opinion on whether or not he would like to have his photo taken at any given time. Here are some examples.

When he doesn't refuse, I get the opposite, an enthusiastic "cheese, please!", and a squinting, toothy grin usually accompanied by a head-cock at some strange angle. This makes for ggreeeaaaaatttt pictures, as you can see here for yourself.

I've been taking an online photography class, and thanks to much I've learned lately (and a lens upgrade) I feel more capable of capturing the things in the way that I envision. Capable, of course, assuming a somewhat cooperative subject, which makes it even more frustrating for me when I get these kind of faces whilst trying to record the candid moments of our everyday lives. Cheesy faces are not a part of my photographic vision.

But then I remember, these cheesy faces and knitted brows are the candid moments of our everyday lives. David has a personality like no other, and no simple portrait could convey accurately how good-natured, emotionally labile, fun-loving, and enthusiastic he is about everything. These "imperfect" snapshots just might become my very favorites one day.

So, no matter the pose, protest, or cheesy face, I will continue to keep taking pictures.

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Patt said...

Thanks for your photographic skills and willingness! Treasured moments will not be forgotten! P

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