Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oktoberfest 2012

We couldn't wait for this event at Trader's Point Creamery to roll around again. David was just a little too small last year to enjoy the festivities, so we hoped that this year he would be able to be more of a participant. He was, and we had a ball.

First, of course, we had to see the cows. They were headed back to pasture one by one after milking, so we watched them pass by while standing in the feedlot.

A bit disappointed that they didn't offer pony rides this year, we settled for a hay ride around the farm instead. David was happy to sit on the straw bales and enjoy the view. My allergies were happy about this, too. Just kidding.

After the hayride, it was Kiddie Korner time. David chose out his very own first tattoo, a smiling cow for the top of his hand. A perfect fit for the event, and for a kid that begs to "see cows" on a regular basis. Tattoos are supposed to have meaning, right?

After the tattoo, we hit the hula-hoop and jump rope station. Who ever set up this little station knew what kids like better than I do because I never would have guessed something so simple would have been such a big hit.

Next it was craft time. And despite the fact that a few weeks ago he begged me NOT to do the craft at Barnes and Noble, he seemed to enjoy it this time (although these are some pretty serious faces shown here, there were some smiles involved).

Finally we hit the Biergarten to enjoy some Bavarian chili, frankfurters, roast pork, and German beer. We got David to eat the pork by telling him it was roast beef (which worked), but no dice on the chili. Baby steps.

After dinner, David could not resist dancing to Polka Boy, a very good and VERY LOUD (you guessed it) polka band that was playing at the event, and apparently has quite a following. David boogied like no one was watching, which was definitely not true since he is so darn cute. Lots of other people were dancing too, and the fun was infectious. You can't really tell but he is jiggling around here. Why didn't I video?!?!

Then it was time for ice cream.  You can't go to the creamery without ice cream! David had chocolate and Cory and I had vanilla. Yum

Finally, it wouldn't be Oktoberfest without checking out some pumpkins.

Then it was off to home without a fit, the way we all prefer it. We'll be back next year.... 

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Patt said...

Such fun! Great adventures for our busy boy! Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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