Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Perry County weekend

We took David to visit my parents in southern Indiana this weekend. It was good for him to have a change of scenery, good for all of us to break out of our routine a bit. With the colder weather and overcast skies, we did little more than relax and visit but that was wonderful anyway. Here are some highlights...

Catching up with Grandma Murdock. More than once he shook his head to my offers to hold him and held his arms up to her instead. I love how much David loves his Grandmas...

Visiting with Granddad, which included lots of tickling and goofiness. As a result, Granddad has earned rockstar status with David. Sorry, Grandma.

We did some outdoor exploring. Cory and Dad went out to the woods first to check on the sap buckets (making maple syrup is the latest project), and Mom and I took David out for a brief walk, stopping to throw some rocks in the lake. At first we had to plead with him to try it, but by the end we were both hanging on to his sleeves to prevent him from plunging in himself.

The grown-ups had some bonding time as well. In this picture below, we have two moms, two dads, two iPads, one iPhone, and one MacBook, all captured by another iPhone sneakily set on self-timer mode. Whatever brings people together, right? Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Cory and I had our turn to get some fresh air.

Kept David up late for some more visiting Saturday night.

On Sunday, the weather was much colder so we mostly relaxed inside after a delicious breakfast.

Headed home in the early afternoon, tired but glad we made the trip.

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