Friday, February 10, 2012

A little off the top.

David has had challenges in the hair department since shortly after he was born. Although he came out with a cute little mop top, things were kind of downhill from there.  His first crop of locks fell out in the most bizarre and hilarious pattern.  Remember?  That problem resolved, but then his hair just never really grew. Since those early days, it's been wispy, light, and sparse. And verrrry slowwww growing.

I thought it would be fun to say that he didn't get a haircut until he was over 2, but the weird Eddie Munster spike on his forehead, the scraggly locks dangling over his ears, and the overall Gene Keady combover look he's been sporting lately convinced me to bite the bullet before his birthday. For some reason, Cory decided that Wednesday was the day. So, off they went to Cookie Cutters, a haircut destination expressly for kids...

And here's the story.

At first, David apparently thought he was at the park by the looks of things. Slides, ladders... what fun!

After a bit of playtime, it was time for the bait and switch. David selected the train to sit on. Drumroll please. He went into turtle (or ostrich) mode, attempting to avoid the inevitable by blending in with his surroundings and remaining absolutely still.

Then the cape went on. As you can tell by the bizarre look on his face, a meltdown is about to occur.

Said meltdown.

Poor thing. That is pure terror.

A feeble attempt to stop the suffering was made by moving him to another chair, this one shaped like a car. The blue jalopy did not fool him, obviously. I think at that point they gave up. Cory put down the phone, the cape came off, and the cut was made with the appropriate restraint technique. The rest of the ordeal was not captured on film.

Cory says that after it was over, David ran past the playground, past his coat, and straight to the door, yelling "bye....bye....bye...." over and over again. He even shook his head when the girl asked him if he wanted a balloon.  Get me out of here!

Here is the final product. If you can see past the bitterness in his tear-stained little eyes, I think you'll find him pretty cute, too.

Good thing it will probably be another year until he needs his next one.

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Patt said...

It's something to do with wearing the cape. He has the same reaction when Jack and Ben are in the chair with a cape.....
Don't worry, David.....your hair grows really slowly! Love you Bud! GrammyPattpatt

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