Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My music man...

David has enjoyed a tune since very early on. I think the first jingles that caught his ear were of the commercial variety, I'm embarrassed to admit (Unique Home Solutions has been and continues to be his favorite, unfortunately). The more repetitive the melody the better.

His tastes have matured over the months, thanks to my trusty iPod and a few playlists I created for him. Combining Frank Sinatra, Train, and some good old '70s children's music (think "Free to Be You and Me" for example, google it and I guarantee you'll recognize the song) was the lucky charm, and the ambience created by these strange conglomerations has soothed many a fussy moment and entertained through many a dinner time.

He loves Bob Marley, Adele, OkGo and Muse.  He DOES NOT like Coldplay, Guns 'n' Roses, or any other of my '80s hairband rock (and yes, I still listen to this junk sometimes, my apologies to those of you with more refined tastes).  He dances, can't help it.  His feet just have to MOVE. And if he's stuck in his highchair then well, he just does this adorable move where he puts his chin to his chest, lowers his eyes and shakes his head from side to side. Not quite to the beat, but you get the picture.  Simply adorable.

Until recently, the iPod itself has been off limits. The docking station sits on top of the microwave, and after arriving to the kitchen for mealtime it is the first thing that David points to and asks to have turned on. So, now that he can sit in a big person's chair, I could not resist the urge to give him the iPod + docking station and let him go to town. The selection for this moment was an Allison Krauss and Robert Plant collaboration.  I love it myself.  And judging by these pictures, he does, too.

Let the music play!!

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Patt said...

He's quite an energetic dancer! And he wants my iPod going, too. He has a cd player in "his" room at Grammy's and has figured out how to change it to the radio and turn the volume WAY UP! Smile!

May have to get him his own iPod for his birthday!

Love, GrammyPattpatt

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