Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zoo Boo

It was a beautiful Saturday, so knowing there won't be many more of these left in the year we headed down to the Indianapolis Zoo this afternoon for their annual Halloween celebration, Zoo Boo.

Although David couldn't have cared less whether he was costumed or not, we dressed him up anyway in this little chicken suit I found at Old Navy last weekend.  I chose it for the price and the simple fact that it was one of the few things left available in his size that wasn't pink or glittery in some way. And, let's face it, this might be my last year of being a benevolent dictator when it comes to choosing a costume, so I figured I might as well pick out something cute. Next year he'll probably ask to be the Incredible Hulk or something. Made of fleece and more like a sweatsuit than a goofy get-up, it kept him comfy and toasty warm in the chill air.  AND he looked incredibly adorable, which goes without saying.  We must have had twenty compliments.

He enjoyed the exhibits and gawking at all of the other kids in their costumes. He "trick-or-treated" a bit and devoured his first candy, a Twizzler.  (I know, ridiculous that we waited this long, just trying to avoid passing on my own sweet tooth too early).

He rode the carousel with Cory, which spun backwards as a little weird Halloween twist. He only screamed a bit in protest when it came time to disembark, a tradition he started at the State Fair this year. A little embarrassing, but as long as we can still carry him away, we're good.

I was able to capture his flirtatious gaze, one in which he is perfecting. The lady sitting next to me on a bench was the lucky recipient of this precious face. My little heartbreaker.

It was so crowded I couldn't get decent pictures of him checking out the animals, but oh well. Sometimes I get so caught up in capturing moments that I forget to enjoy them while they are happening. This is the best one I could get of him against the glass with a tiger pacing within mere inches (he's the little white and orange blob, upper right corner). He did a little excited dance when it came near, and was fearless.

All in all we had a ball. We are continually amazed at his good spirit and adventurousness. With his newfound independence he can be a handful at times, but he seems to know when we're trying to do something special for him. I love that.

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Patt said...

He's the world's cutest chicken!!

I love the photo where he's flirting....both the smile AND the static electricity hair!

Glad you had a memory maker today. Love, GrammyPattpatt

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