Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dear David,

"Dah" was one of your first words. When you see a dog, it brings instant joy and curiosity, an eagerness to get a bit closer. It's how we lure you away from the playground, to point out a dog and follow it right out of the park. It's the only way, really, that we avoid hauling you away kicking and screaming, engaged in a full-scale tantrum, reluctant to leave. You are always eager to follow that puppy, see where it's going, what it's doing. Big ones, little ones, mean ones, nice ones, you don't care. Any dog is your instant friend, at least from your point of view.

When we're outside, you plop down on the property line and watch the neighbor's yard in hopes that one of their puppies might appear. When they do, you are elated. You point them out on TV, in books. You throw your puppy blanket over our heads and demand that we "woof". And we do, every time.

Although the loss of our beloved Sammy and Casper still seems like yesterday to us, it was ages ago on your scale of development. When they were still around, you were barely mobile. You didn't say much, and seemed only mildly aware of their presence, having yet to do that jig of excitement that the sight of a dog brings on these days. Sure, you were anxious to get at them (much to their dismay), but at that time you were into just about anything and everything anyway. You didn't appreciate the fact that you had such treasured objects, the future objects of your passionate affection, in your very own home. That makes me a little sad.

We'd give you just about anything, we really would. But we've got to draw the line somewhere. Time is so precious. We want to enjoy YOU and OUR LIVES and still have a little time to breathe. And I'll be honest, I want a clean house, at least as clean as your toddler self will allow. A puppy just doesn't fit into that plan, at least right now.

Maybe by the time you can read this we will be ready to bite the bullet. Until then, the plastic dog at Old Navy will just have to do. By the looks of this picture, that might just be enough to keep you happy.

Love, Mom

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Patt said...

Your blogs are such treasures! They make my heart happy and will be such a blessing to David when he can read. Love, GrammyPattpatt

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