Saturday, September 24, 2011

Instagram Love

Got an iPhone yesterday when Cory changed cellular services for his business. Having limited technological savvy, I was only a recent convert to an Android even though it seems everyone else has been using "smart" phones for ages. And I admit there was only one real reason that I was willing to yet again learn a new device, a little gem of an app that my many online scrapbook acquaintances have been raving about.  Instagram.

Instagram takes seemingly mundane, everyday camera phone photos and transforms them into little works of art with a few simple clicks. Just check out this picture I snapped of David at the mall today and you'll see what I mean. Sweet.

Here's another photo, taken by Dad while we were visiting in Perry County a few weeks back, transformed by one of Instagram's photo filters:

If you have an iPhone, download this free app and "follow" me. You'll see the pics I plan on uploading frequently now that I have the ability.

Technology continues to amaze me.

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