Thursday, November 25, 2010


Wanted to spend a few moments counting our blessing on this, David's first, Thanksgiving Day.  Here are a few things we are most thankful for.

This lady who eagerly gives up countless days to take care of a certain special someone.  Patt, words cannot express how grateful we are that David is safe, sound, and happy in your care day after day as we both work to provide for him.  The experiences that you give him during your days together have helped mold him into the little treasure that he is.  THANK YOU!

We are also thankful for this lady, who makes a long weekly drive to spend Tuesdays with David.  We appreciate this more than you know, not only the bonding time you have with him, but also the countless loads of dishes you have done and piles of laundry you have folded - eagerly, all so I can have more free time when I get home from work.  What you do to help us raise our son does not go unnoticed. David is so lucky to have both of his Grandma's be such an integral part of his life. THANK YOU!

Thankful as well that this guy is still around.  He's fading, I know, and that pains me.  But his tail still wags each and every day, and proving that you can teach an old dog new ticks, he is tolerating the invasion of David quite well.

We are also thankful for this giant. He couldn't stand to be in the same room with David at first and now he's like a moth to David's flame.  But then again, aren't we all.

Last but not least, we are most thankful for this little creature who has brought new purpose and meaning to our lives, and through who's eyes the big bad world looks pretty darn wonderful.  We rolled the dice and hit the jackpot, didn't we?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

When I count my blessings, I count all of you twice....or more! Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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