Sunday, November 7, 2010

He's on the move

After weeks of flopping, rocking, creeping, rolling, and flailing, David is finally crawling.  Sure, it's a combination bona-fide-crawl/army-crawl, but it gets the job done.  He also successfully leans forward from a sitting position to all-fours when something strikes his fancy across the room.  And he gets there, after whatever-it-is, combining all the moves from his repertoire in a satisfactory manner until he reaches his destination.

Of course, whenever I pull out the video camera, he freezes.  But this is the best I could capture:

And, in other milestone news, I was shocked last Tuesday morning to find a sitting (and smiling) David greeting me in his crib. Obviously, he had attained this position on his own. That act went unwitnessed until yesterday, when he went from crawling to sitting right before my very eyes . Once again, no camera in hand. Oh, well.

What strikes me most is that David looks so tiny with his legs tucked up underneath his body when he's trying to crawl. Lately he has seemed so BIG to me, and to see him appear teeny and vulnerable again is pretty sweet.  And the purposeful, careful movements that he must make to stay balanced just simply melt my heart. I know that life as we know it is over now that we have an almost fully mobile child on our hands, but hasn't that been the theme of the past year? Adapting to change has become our specialty, and we will do so once again.  Watching our little one grow and develop makes any and every sacrifice worth it.

Enjoying a quiet, relaxing day at home today, just waiting to see what else the little guy has in store for us...

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Patt said...

May have to get David his own lap top for Christmas! Smile! Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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