Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, here I am on a lazy Thursday afternoon just enjoying what's left of my holiday, and I must say doing nothing is wonderful, especially after the last few days. Cory's mom came over last night for a little pizza and relaxation, a good respite for me after shopping at Target on Christmas Eve of all days. I felt faint after one look at the parking lot, but we had to go in anyway. We survived, and got all the loot we needed for the Owens' celebration today. I took on a lot by agreeing to host, but with a little planning and preparation, I managed to get it all done (and somewhat hot) in time (with Cory's help, of course, and I'm not just saying that because of my present, keep reading). We had all of our favorites and then some, including corn casserole, green bean casserole, real yeast rolls, honey ham, spinach salad, baked beans, and sweet tea - yum! Everyone brought a little something with them as well, which was nice. I even made an impromptu pumpkin cake at 9 pm last night after forgetting to buy the prepared pie crust. No way was I rolling out dough on Christmas Eve, I don't care how "easy" it is. Talking about food right now is slightly disgusting. Even though we haven't eaten since 12:30 pm I'm still a little nauseous. Don't get me wrong, I love to eat, but I'm just not a "stuff your face" kind of person. We just never seem to get our money's worth at the all-you-can-eat. We felt like outcasts at the China Buffet the other day.

Oh yeah, the present. After Patt left last night, I sat down on the couch and noticed a little blue bag under the tree. "Your mom forgot her necklace!" I shouted to Cory. He had purchased her a silver "Mom" pendant at Castleton's Tiffany & Co. for her gift. "Santa was just here, that's for you" he told me. I was mad at first, but my anger at him spending money on me was eclipsed by my curiosity as to what was in that bag. I instantly forgave him when I opened it (OK, so I already had forgiven him when I got a load of the bag, he he) and promptly rejected his offer to take it back if I was too upset. He got me the most lovely Elsa Peretti pendant on a black cord, one I had eyed at the store the other day (note to self: tell Cory you like something and you just might get it). I LOVE it and was so surprised! An "O" for Owens... Thank you, Cory!

Hope the three or four people who read my blog have a very Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

That guy is a keeper! Love, Patt

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