Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Latest Project

I was bitten by the creative bug this week after browsing Ali Edwards' blog. Since I'm not one to mimic the work of others verbatim, I had to put my own spin on the beautiful butterfly collage that she created.

Cory recently renovated our spare bedroom into his home office for Second Nature Landscapes. Besides a giant whiteboard, the walls are totally bare. I decided to create this piece to both commemorate his start-up and decorate his space.

The leaves (also a Martha Stewart punch from Michael's, like Ali Edwards') are either scraps from my paper stash or pieces of his junk-mail and stationary. I chose leaves because of Cory's logo for his new business. The colors are also green and blue, to match his logo as well. It was incredibly easy (and fun!) to make. As soon as I finished it, Cory proudly hung it above his filing cabinet. Hopefully this piece will become a treasured keepsake as well as a nice piece of eye-candy for the wall!

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