Saturday, September 25, 2010

He's a sitter!

Can't really mark this milestone on the calender because I'm not exactly sure when it first happened.  We'll just consider it this week, though, because after sitting supported for months, David is now confidently, consistently, and enjoyably sitting on his own.

He's wanted to be upright since he was very small, always resisting the traditional cradle hold that most people assume all babies prefer. I started propping him up once he could hold his head upright, and he's been "sitting" in his highchair, Bumbo, and Exersaucer for some time now. Still, he tended to tip over every time we let go.  Finally, he is able to maintain this new position - and has discovered this is a wonderful new way to see the world.  The new playtime (and bathtime) possiblities are endless!

Of course, excitement still gets the best of him and he wobbles over, but that's OK.  How else will he learn to balance if he doesn't tip over every once in awhile? I think he secretly enjoys the free-fall. Might we have a thrill-seeker on our hands? Sometimes I wonder. Timber!

We'll continue to encourage, record, and enjoy these fabulous milestones.  I never dreamed having a baby would be so much fun!

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Patt said...

David makes my heart happy! Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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