Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun at the breakfast table

I'm glad I had my new pocket video camera handy this morning, because David delivered a stellar performance and I was the only witness.

After filling his belly with milk, oatmeal, and peaches, he was in a delightful mood. When such is the case, I often leave him in his highchair for a bit after breakfast so that I can get some things done in the kitchen.  Doing so today rewarded me with this, a spontaneous little game that David, on his own, decided to play with me. It's not long, but you get the idea.

I know, it's not really peek-a-boo per se, but it is clear he's figured out how to goof around and play, even when he doesn't actually have a toy in his hands. And the fact that he came up with this entirely on his own just amazes me.  What a joy!

1 comment:

Patt said...

Nothing bashful about D in front of a camera! Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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