Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's new this week

Let's see.... since I'm unable to organize my thoughts this morning due to sleep deprivation, I will just ramble on a bit about this week's happenings.

First of all, to explain the sleep deprivation, David decided to wake up at 2:30ish and 5:30ish every night this week, except for one. And last night he decided to add 12:15ish to the mix. An almost-six-month-old that "sleeps" like a newborn. At six weeks he slept so much better than this. He seems to be regressing, hope this is just a phase... If not, we'll still keep him 'cause he is just so darn cute. Not just cute, but charming, too. After spending a lovely morning with him, I have already forgiven him for last night.

New foods this week: green beans and carrots. I don't have a pic of the carrot experience, but these pics pretty much sum up his true feelings about green beans.

Don't think these will be a fast favorite. We'll keep trying, though.

Went to the State Fair on Wednesday. David enjoyed the sights and sounds of the barns and the midway. Cory enjoyed being a proud papa with his little papoose. I enjoyed an elephant ear, a pork chop, grilled 'taters, and a rib-eye sandwich (shared with Cory of course). We all waited in line to see things like a giant cheese sculpture (oooh, ahhh). Only at the fair! It was a fun day, so exciting to watch David see things for the first time. He might not remember all this, but I sure will.

Speaking of the fair, I met a lot of my soul sisters in the Dairy Barn. I also decided I need to invent one of these for humans. Hands free, fully automatic. Looks tremendously efficient. Wish I could manage this type of production.

Yesterday, we took David up to visit with friends in Cicero. It was great to see how sociable and adaptable our little guy is. He was a little wary at first, but quickly warmed up to everyone and shared lots of smiles and laughs. What a good-natured fellow.

I saved the best of the week's developments for last. Out of the blue on Monday morning, David started blowing raspberries (or "spit flubbers", as Grammy Patt has so aptly dubbed them). And blowing them with gusto. He pretty much hasn't stopped. So funny. He really puts his whole heart and soul into the process. Haaaaaahh-ppffuuuuooooo!

Happy Sunday to everyone!

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Patt said...

Spit flubbers are such a great expression of his personality! Ha!

David got a new baby cousin on Friday.....Cassandra Martinna Spidel. Maybe they'll be buddies some day.

Love, Grammy Pattpatt

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