Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cubs Game and Tour

We went up to Wrigley about a month ago to catch another Cubs night game, and see the behind-the-scenes Wrigley tour. It has taken me so long to do this post because I had to let the memory of the trip's aftermath fade before I could even think about it (I fell ill the next day, and we had to come home early).

Nonetheless, we had a good time as usual. We arrived in the morning at the Lincoln Park Days Inn, dropped off our bags, then walked up to Wrigleyville to get tickets for the tour. We visited Cory's brick (of course), and got in line for the last tour of the day.

The tour was great, it took us to the bleachers, the press box, the suites, and down onto the field and into the dugout (the highlight). Wrigley may be humble (and the tour showed just how humble it really is) but it is a magical place.

Before the game, we ate at Harry Caray's Tavern outside Wrigley. We both had the best burgers ever. Mine was served with sprouts and swiss cheese on a whole wheat bun. Cory went out on a limb with the Wayuga Burger: peppercorn crusted with brandy and gorgonzola on a pretzel roll. They were delicious. Uncharacteristic of us both, we ate every bite.

The game itself was a stinker. The Cubs basically lost it in the first inning, giving up 5 runs from which they would never recover. But it didn't matter, any game at Wrigley is a good one. Plus, we were sitting a mere 13 rows back from the dugout. Of course, being a Chicago evening in May, it was absolutely freezing despite my three layers. I happily forked over $49.95 for a fleece blanket from one of the vendors. He was handing them out to eager buyers like candy.

After the game, we ducked into a dive bar on Clark Street for the after-hours Wrigleyville experience. The patrons, most of whom I'm sure we out-aged by at least ten years, were packed in like sardines, but we went in anyway just for fun. We stayed there for about an hour, listening to everyone belt out the tunes the DJ was blaring. Talk about entertainment. We spent most of our time giving each other knowing looks at the antics of the people around us, and just laughing. Above all, it made me thankful that I'm not 21 years old anymore. I couldn't handle that kind of atmosphere on a regular basis.

Tired, we walked back to the hotel for a good night's rest. For a "cheap hotel", that place has the most comfortable beds ever.

We love Wrigleyville. Can't wait to go back!

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